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Terms of Service Ragdai Shop

  • Seller of this service can be anybody, after assuming duties unconditional compliance in the form of a public offer and receipt of identity for access to the service.
    If you offer a product for sale, it would you agree that we have the legitimate right to sell or buy the product. The Internet does not impose any restrictions on products issued for sale.
    The Internet does not test products offered for sale, but if the product buyer seller left negative feedback, the proceeds from the sale of the product will not be available until the seller conflict with the buyer.
    The administration has the right to interfere in their relationship in two ways : the seller to return proceeds from the sale or recover funds from the sale back to the buyer.
    The administration has the right to remove from sale any goods seller if the product is active promotion of another store digital goods or resource violates Russian law, if the description contained obscene language.

  • Terms of shopping in our store, so as to best protect the buyer from possible seller fraud, but fraud on the part of buyers also not be forgotten.
    The buyer has the right to leave negative feedback for the purchased goods if it believes that the purchased goods does not meet the description.
    If in the opinion of the Administration of Internet dostoveren your negative feedback, the funds spent on the purchase will be returned to you except for the cost of remittances.
    If in the opinion of the Administration of Internet your negative feedback headquartered, the proceeds from the sale will be returned to the seller.
    The buyer negative feedback should specify the amount of data to deal with, otherwise the funds will be returned to you iyaty for administration of Internet.

  • Any disagreement between you and the organizers Internet will be settled by negotiation.
    Any losses you might incur in the event of intentional or reckless violation of any requirements of the Agreement and related regulations, we are not reimbursed.
    Maximum liable organizers Internet may not exceed the equivalent of your fee for the use of our Internet services.
    The administration can unilaterally and without warning of any item change.

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